Preparation is the key to becoming a successful pilot

Mentally Prepare

Self-study is extremely important when learning to fly. Choose a Ground Training Course and start learning ASAP. Study lessons before each flight to enhance training and get as much out of flying sessions as possible.

Studies indicate that the knowledge test is more meaningful to the applicant, and is more likely to result in a satisfactory grade, if it is taken after beginning the flight portion of the training. For optimum benefit, it is recommended that the knowledge test be taken after the student has completed a solo cross-country flight. However, waiting too long can hinder progress in scheduling the check-ride. It is tremendously beneficial to do well on the written test to avoid the scrutiny placed on the student for a low score.

Financially Prepare

Preparing and budgeting the funds required for pilot certification can help to plan flight training more efficiently. Costs to consider prior to starting your training:

  • Aircraft Rental and Instruction Costs
  • Medical Examination Cost
  • Written Exam & Pilot Examiner Fee’s
  • Ground School Cost
  • Aviation Supplies

Depending on the aircraft selected for training, supplies and flight time the average cost of Private Pilot Certification can range from $9,500.00 to $15,500.00.

Flight Training Schedule

Fly Often.

Two to three times per week is ideal in order to maximize your education. Fewer than that and you’re more susceptible to forgetting important aspects of your training.